Steep Incline Conveyor Belts

  • Corrugated Sidewall Belts
    Corrugated Sidewall belts

    For the horizontal, steep-incline and vertical transportation of all types of bulk material.

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  • Pocket Hoist/Bag Elevator Belts
    Pocket Hoist/Bag Elevator Belts

    POCKETLIFT® technology is offering mining engineers and operators the possibility of achieving a continuous mass flow over a lift height of several hundred meters.

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  • Pouch Conveyor Belts
    Pouch Conveyor Belts

    The SICON® conveyor belt consists of a pear shaped “pouch” and is manufactured from highly flexible rubber: clean, safe and able to negotiate curves of up to 180°.

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  • Bucket Elevator & Seed Belts
    Bucket Elevator & Seed Belts

    Precision positioning of potatoes: Continental supplies flat and profiled fabric base belts for use in compact potato planters, for example.

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  • Cleated Belts
    Cleated Belts

    Whether you are dealing with steep inclines or simply need extra support to move material, we offer a wide range of U- and V-shaped cleated belts.

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